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    LONG time lurker, first time poster. I've been trading 2 minute bars with success on equity futures. I was using financialjuice to keep an eye on the news flow. On Oct. 11 there was a lot of build up to a partial trade deal. It came out, towards the end of the session, that a "phase one" trade deal had been reached. The market had mostly already priced it in but that "confirmation" seemed to send the market higher, INITIALLY. I start thinking, wow, must be a good trade deal. I stay in my long trade and as people start disseminating this phase one deal much quicker than I can possibly disseminate on my own, the markets start heading in the opposite direction quickly. I didn't know if this was just a "sell the news" move or if it was something more. Long story short, it would've been really helpful to have a service that rapidly disseminated news and gave a simple indication of whether the news fell short of the rumor or exceeded it. For those who have Benzinga Pro, how did it react to this news on Oct 11 around the end of the session? I know they have a red or green indication next to some of their news. Was that the case in this situation? How long did it take before it displayed that this "phase one" deal was actually mostly hot air?

    I appreciate any feedback
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    On OptimusNews we release the range of surprise. "Surprise Range. It shows the range of stronger and weaker releases relative to expectations." Try for free here it is free for our customers.
  3. Awesome, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!