Bentley Indicator

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  1. While driving today, saw two Bentley GT in two cities 50 miles apart. One coupe, the other a convertible top.

    Looks like everyone is doing just fine
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    Wow, what comprehensive analysis!
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  4. That was a great logical deduction. Thank you.
  5. I use to live near a shopping center and would pass through it on my very early morning walk.

    When the market was going up, I found lots of change, several one dollar bills and a twenty, a watch, a cell phone and a wallet which I returned to the owner.

    When the market started down, the treasure dried up even to the pennies.

    Have any of you found anything lately?:D
  6. While urinating today, I looked out the window and noticed a car with the "George Bush for president in 2008!" sticker.

    Looks like we gonna be stuck with him for another four years.
  7. Can you imagine the episode of "'Lil Bush" if we didn't have term limits?
  8. Pishaw... I was driving down 18th Street in Denver and saw a Bugatti Veyron... (That's 1,001 BHP, and $1.7 Million for those who don't know)... might spiffy for a 2-horse town. (We used to be a 1-horse town, but they widened I-25 recently)

    There's a $2.4 Million model coming soon, so be sure to save-up your change....
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    havent seen one yet on the road, probably wont because they are so rare and valuable but seeing a Bentley here or there is a given.....
  10. I saw a Gremlin and a Pacer. What could that mean?
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