Bennigan's / Steak and Ale shut down

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  2. I can't find this anywhere else. CNN, FOX, nobody else is carrying this.
    How 'bout "hometown rag" has it.
    Corporate locations to be shut down, but not franchises.
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  4. Damn, guess aniston will be out of a job!


  5. Actually, that's T.G.I. Friday's they were copying.
  6. I'm bummed too.

    My favorite date place a generation ago.
  7. Noooo they were the best.. in the 80's
  8. They had good potato skins and chicken strips. :D
  9. There was story about them a couple of months ago saying that the group who was running them was a bunch of morons and essentially bankrupted the company

    If anyone finds it please post it. id like to read it again. might have been in the WSJ
  10. I was just about to say this about their chicken fingers. Shame but I've given up fried food at restaurants anyway. Benningans was good back in the day though.
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