Benghazi Terrorists Being Given Protections Of Common Criminals

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    Four months ago, the president vowed to "bring to justice the killers who attacked our people" in Benghazi. Only, the al-Qaida terrorists are still at large and still killing Americans.

    While Obama plays detective and international lawyer, respecting Libyan "law," some of the same terrorists who in September torched the U.S. compound in Benghazi this month stormed a gas plant in Algeria.

    Their latest assault left three Americans dead, adding to the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

    Gross negligence cost the lives of Stevens and the former Navy SEALs who tried to save him. Foot-dragging and a reversion to the pre-9/11 mindset of fighting terrorism as if it were a common crime may have cost the lives of the energy workers from Houston.

    On Sept. 12, a tough-talking Obama promised the country in a pre-election photo op that he would hunt down the ambassador's killers. Since then, what has he done to avenge the worst al-Qaida act of terrorism on U.S. ground since 9/11? Redeployed drones armed with Hellfire missiles from the Afghan-Pakistani border? Dispatched Black Hawks and special ops teams?

    Nope. He's done neither of these things.

    According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, our commander in chief has been building legal "cases" against the terrorists, respecting imaginary rights to due process, as if they were bank robbers and not enemy combatants in an ongoing war on terrorism.

    Consider the following exchange between Clinton and Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wis., during the secretary's testimony last week before the Senate, one that got lost in all the chaff Clinton fired off to distract from her own role in the Benghazi scandal.

    Barrasso: The people that perpetrated the recent attacks in Algeria — were they perhaps emboldened because no one has yet paid a penalty for the attack on our facility in Benghazi? How can we make sure that people are actually brought to justice there?

    Clinton: (The FBI) are following some very promising leads and putting together cases ... . What they are trying to determine is how best to respond, and I think what the president clearly said is we will respond and we will bring those to justice. And I don't think anybody should doubt this president at his word ... . It may take time, but he does not in any way divert attention from the goal of bringing them to justice."

    Only, there are no promising leads, and the one suspect the FBI has identified — Ali Ani al-Harzi — recently was released by Tunisian officials after he fled Libya. The Tunisians never even gave us a heads-up.

    That's what happens when you defer "justice" against Islamist terrorists to Islamist authorities. That's what happens when you decide to make a terrorist probe a criminal investigation.

    When you rely on U.S. detectives to make arrests in a Muslim country instead of using soldiers to kill enemy soldiers in a war, you get no justice.

    You don't build "a case" against terrorists, Mr. President. It's not a legal issue. You forensically identify them, pursue them, kill them.
  2. it is absolutely ridiculous that this admin STILL hasn't done one fucking thing about benghazi. Yet very few Americans seem to care. Every single one of the haji's responsible should be rotting in the sand by now.
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    Those of us who do care see little that we can do. Even Congressmen and Senators who care can't find out the truth because Obama has instructed his Administration personel to obstruct and fabricate, even under oath. Plus, they have learned that you don't communicate by email or anything that leaves a trail on sensitive matters.

    Our president with a secret past has created and administration with a secret history.
  4. ^ That is a bit conspiratorial imo, not that I disagree but it can't be proven. Really I'm just wondering why there is no public outrage. What happened in benghazi was literally an act of war. I know the libyan govt tried to help out during the attack but what have they done since? I realize they may not be strong enough or equipped to track down those responsible but if that's the case they need to get out of the way and let us do it. Of course it is way to late now, and that is 100% due to this admin's (intentional) indifference.

    Basically these guys have gotten away with murder, twice now, and ironically the only person suffering any consequences from the whole ordeal is the film maker.. who made a video that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the attack. This is disgusting.
  5. Yesterdays news my friend. Americans really don't care. To busy getting free phones, watching Honey Boo Boo and American Idol. The country really has gone to hell. This is progress?
  6. This country, much like Western Europe, is becoming eerily similar to the wannabe utopia's in 1984. I've never been to China but I have friends who are from there and they swear there is more individual freedom there than here. I have no way to verify that.. but imagine a communist country being more free than the USA, a nation founded on liberty.
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    This is the USS Cole redux.
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    Didn't Clinton take out a donkey in Afghanistan with cruise missile over the Cole?
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