Bengazi cover up

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  1. Painfully obvious this administration, and Clinton inparticular knew of the situation getting worse in Benghazi prior to the attack. They knew it was an organized terrorist attack within hours and chose to lie about it for several days. I suspect they'll throw Rice under the bus at some point, but she was only telling the lies she was instructed to tell.
    Huge story and the MSM for all pratical purposes is mum on the issue. What we know for sure if a repub was in office we'd have 24/7 coverage and every dem person in congress claiming a cover up prior to an election. They would be right. This is an obvious cover up hoping to kill time until after the election. Watch and see how fast Clinton get's thrown away. Her 2016 campaign just evaporated. She knew and did nothing.
  2. Desperation, CO. If you are with Mittens you are beaten. Not if, when.
  3. The mission there had asked for more security. It was denied. In fact, a security team was taken away.

    They were well aware that they were sitting ducks, and that the local al qaedas had them lined up.

    My question is, what kind of State Department leaves people hanging in the wind like that? If they couldn't protect the consulate, why not just close it?

    And why couldn't the military provide some air cover when it was under attack? The attack lasted for hours.

    Lot of unanswered questions here. Obama and Clinton clearly want to slowplay them past the election.
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  5. Desperation? There is no desperation. A democratic adminstration is engaging in a cover up in order to buy time until the election passes. The media is complicit in the cover up. You going to try and tell me if the very same thing, the VERY same thing, under the VERY same circumstances had happened under a republican administration the media would be so quiet? Please! I'm just pointing out the obvious media bias and double standards they use when reporting the news.
  6. So, indirectly, you demonstrate the superiority of the liberal mind. We control, the media, education, all distribution of information. Why follow the conservative mind. Clearly, they know little more than to die when told to do so.:)
  7. Not all, just most. I follow the truth and it leads wherever it leads. The truth on this issue leads me to believe the administration is doing everything possible to drag it's feet getting to the bottom of things. They clearly lied about the elements of the attack for the first week, and now are slow walking their way through an investigation. Couldn't be there's an election in 3 weeks.
  8. This is Hillary's egg. And the Obama administration is correct in shielding it's secretary of state.
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    we will see whose egg this becomes during the debate.
    the buck stops at the top not the secretary of state.
    Hope is not a good ME strategy... and covering up a failed strategy will not work come November. (IMO)
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    Snug those blinders up RCG. We don't want you seeing the truth about your beloved Obama.
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