Benefits of a Bloomberg?

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  1. I've never used a bloomberg but am very curious as to what all it offers. I'm pretty much a technical trader but I do monitor fundamentals and i love having data.

    what are some of the priceless pieces of info you get from a bloomberg?

    Do you get a feed on any market such as the cds or cdo market.
  2. Any number/data point/statistic/data feed/etc. you can imagine is available on Bloomberg. It pretty amazing. There really isn't a comparable competitor.

    The catch is: they know it and they charge an incredible amount for it.
  3. Is it $1500/ month for an individual trader?

    And from what I hear, it's a "terminal" meaning I will have another monitor and keyboard on my desk?

    I've never had it but have heard a little here and there about it. It has me curious.
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    For your $1500 a month you get pretty much any data you need, presented in a wonderful 1982-era DOS-style software front-end with the speed of a snail covered with superglue.

    If you just trade stocks/futures directionally, it is the most overpriced piece of garbage on the face of the planet. However if you trade OTC stuff it's kinda necessary.
  5. Bloomberg is great for market data, but Capital IQ and Factset are far better for fundamentals.
  6. Closer to $1800 per month with no extra real-time data feeds. Each data feed from an exchange/broker costs extra (even if you don't have to pay directly for brokerage house data they won't give it to you unless you deal with them). No problem getting your monthly bill >$2500. Also, 2-year contract.
  7. BB's charting is light-years behind.
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    I agree with others. The benefit of bbg is that you have everything in one place and a fancy specialized keyboard with a biometric reader, but that's about it.
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    From what I remember, it's close to $20k/mo per terminal for the comprehensive package.

    I'm sure you can get the price jacked up even more if you try ;)
  10. if you only look at equities- you'd probably do just as well surfing the web on their free site, and paying their fee to a couple of different Market letters who have an edge...
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