Benchmarq vs. Cy Group vs. JC Trading vs. Guardian

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  1. If you some you following I had a similiar thread to narrow down prop traders, not subcontrar LLCs which is the case now.

    I appreciate any information on these companies, if you have done/do business.
    Commissions, people, platform.

    Companies are:
    Benchmarq Trading, JC Trading, Guardian Trading, Cy Group.

    I appreciate any feedback.

  2. Note...these are LLC's not prop firms...not broker dealer or registred with exchnages.

  3. a good option.. is to get licensed & go with a well established firm if your concerned in general about financial stability of most firms
  4. That's the least of his concerns.....integrity, honesty, and forthrightness more important. The firm could be financially stable and you'll still get cheated and robbed to death....if the above are absent.
  5. Mr. Clark...."Do you work for any Governmental agency?" I appreciate due diligence, but you're making me smile, LOL. If you are, let me help, LOL.

    Good job,

    Don :p
  6. Why am I making you smile?
  7. you always have do your research with whatever firm you are considering, their are no guarantees period. anything can go wrong with retail or prop, its all a risk, regardless licensed or not.. some want all the fancy strategies & feel getting licensed in the way to get exposure to the firms that tout it.. one must be able to take small losses to stay in the game regardless of their strategy. their is no free lunch..
  8. In a nice way, of seem to be running down the entire list of every possible type of firm, which I honestly do appreciate. PM me some of your thoughts at some point if you like to.

  9. hi don, he likes your firm, but is keeping his options open, would you give him a list of firms to stay away from, not on your good guy list.. everyone knows bright is a good choice in general, traders money is safe in any event.
  10. I would love to give a list, but boy would that start the flame wars, IMO. I'm a peacenik when it comes to (most) people in our business, at any never know "who's going to be working for whom" at any given time.

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