Benchmarq Vs. Assent

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  1. Which has the bigger clearing firm? I don't know how big LEK is but Assent Clearing can't be that big considering they only have about 1000 traders or so.

    Assent is backed by a huge group of PE firms.

    Benchmarq is back by a $2 billion multi-strategy hedge fund they claim.

    Which software gets updated more frequently - who has the better support?
  2. I think you'll find that Assent is owned by Sunguard, a rather large company. I don't think Assent has 1000 prop traders, however. They may have a retail division, I'm not sure. Benchmarq is a private company of some sort, not a broker dealer or exchange member.

  3. Used to be an Assent trader (was called Andover, when I was there)

    I am biased and I'll say this...

    Assent is ROCK SOLID!!!
  4. razor99


    yeah,Assent is very good...i am with them and really like them alot.
  5. with assent also.... so u know where i stand
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    Does Assent charge a fee for their anvil/hammer software and about how much is it? And what is the difference between Anvil and Hammer, or are they the same thing, different names? Is Anvil retail and hammer prop, or vice versa? What do you Assent guys trade with?

  7. $100 a month for anvil which is a bs charge. the only downside to assent is they have 100% the worst short list on the face of the earth.i mean its so bad its embarassing. you have to pay to short 100's of stocks you can short for free with ib.
  8. Pay to short? You should get money back when short. Please explain.
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    i like assent alot and am staying with them..that said,it is true that they do not have a good amount of stock available to short..that is there only have to borrow...
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