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  1. for all you traders out there who are unhappy with your firms, i have to share with you my wonderful experience with benchmarq. totally professional and a GREAT platform. a real pleasure!
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    Hey, give facts, not emotions, otherwise it looks like an ad.
  3. Come on jungleland78 give an ad please. Do you think he is the type of guy who recruits for other firms for a piece of your commission haha.
  4. was with them since the begining of the year..their plaqtform was great..i trade baskets and it was easy.
    also, i received my funds right away..not like that other firm that i traded remember, echo..with them, getting my money was always a horror show! and Nick is a pleasure.
  5. ps. i do not work for them nor am i trying to get any overrides..just want to share my experience thats all.
  6. Sounds like you're having a good experience there.

    Can you tell me:

    Where is the office?

    Can you trade any strategy or do they try to make you scalp all day?

    Is it a professional atmosphere or is it full of a bunch of chimps smashing keyboards and yelling 'f*ck!" all day?

    And most importantly, what is the condition of the men's room? I know that sounds silly but the men's room at WorldCo was nasty and I just couldn't get myself to work in that environment.

  7. you're full of crap. blackwood already down 45 minutes this am. great system yeah right
  8. the office is in midtown nyc 5th and 17th..i trade from home so i can not comment about the bathroom...worldco's bathroom was really that bad? i guess walter was a total mess.
  9. Seemed like a great firm when I was in contact.

    I just couldn't adjust to their platform, it's personal preference.

    If you demo the platform and enjoy it, I think it could be a great place to go trade.
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    "The position requires the utmost commitment, as we are not a 9:30am-4pm trading firm (please do not respond if you think these are your hours). We have rigid rules and expectations of our trainees, with no room for non-serious individuals. The position is non-salaried, and is performance based. A capital contribution is required, however, the company can fund exceptional individuals with extremely outstanding credentials. "

    Fader mentioned there was no restriction on strategy chosen/exectued; sounds like lots of freedom. The above statement sounds a little unique to prop trading firms (i was initially attracted by the freedom of it all)

    I want to be clear; I am not criticizing/being negative in asking: "who does the above statement apply to?

    {just wondering. Went to an Assent branch once for 1 week. Everyone was self-funded, but they were constantly being told to take 4 cent losers on stocks like amd and vlo--not saying you can't be profitable like this (there was a guy in the office that was really profitable doing this), but its obviously not going to suit everyone}
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