Benchmarq Trading Partners

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ctrade8, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. ctrade8


    I recently applied to Benchmarq.

    My basic question is if this company and their interview process is legit?

    And is this firm reputable?
  2. I can guarantee you he is lying about only accepting 2% of applicants if they are taking a 5k deposit. If they don't take any deposit then that number may be legit. It's normal for these recruiters to make you feel special since they make a comm from your deposit.
  3. CQNC


    claiming they only accept 2% is, to me, just an incredibly stupid claim to make considering they'll cash any deposit check that clears the U4 check process.
  4. ctrade8


    Is Benchmarq a place that has a high turnover? That is not at all what Ray was telling me. Considering it's 4 weeks of no-cost training, it would seem that they would need to be selective on whom they hire.

    And I'll be trading their capital once that check clears. There might be little monetary downside for Benchmarq, but they would seemingly have to be selective on hiring if they don't want to waste hours of human capital training failed traders...