Benchmarq LLC. & Blackwood software

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by lou vail, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. lou vail

    lou vail

    Anyone familiar with this group and there software thinking of moving over in January any help would be appreciated:)
  2. great software.
  3. lou vail

    lou vail

    Jungleland do currently use them?
  4. mcelitetrader

    mcelitetrader ET Sponsor

    What kind of rates are we talking about.......How many traders do they have?
  5. FaderTrader uses them, maybe he will chime in here and let everyone know.
  6. What is the internet address for Benchmarq? I would like to check-out the blackwood software.
    Thank You
  7. lol my friend said blackwood crashed with 20 minutes left to trade friday. he said all the positions vanished from the screen
  8. Does he trade remotely? I use Blackwood and have only encountered one system crash which lasted about 2 mins.

    Please elaborate.
  9. How can I get to the blackwood software?
  10. Search for "Benchmarq Trading, LLC" on Google.

    Another firm that uses it is "Prestige Capital, LLC." Use Google to find that as well.
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