Ben Stein Says to Bailout Autos

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  1. Ben Stein is a fuckin game show host...nothing much else...
    He's like you, telling the world to buy Financials in August 2007, that they were a gift, cheapest ever...
  2. please post your positions so we can all have a good laugh...
    And your YTD returns...
  3. You're going to have to define that word "returns" for him, he isn't familiar with profiting from the market.

  4. pohpohmyminitrading I never told anyone to buy financials
  5. That may be true but you still thought GOOG was a steal at $800 (going to $1000!).

    How did that work out for you John?

  6. John?
  7. I see you ignored the part about you saying GOOG was going to $1000 when it was at $800.

  8. ba1


    I have long been critical of the de-industrialization of America as self destruction that reflects multiple errors in our political and economic system. However any solution that includes 90% of GM's senior managers and the UAW should be a nonstarter. My best guess is that the start of a healthy American auto industry would be half the employment, few of the old managers, in the hands of some entrepreneur that paid real, personal cash for his substantial share.

    Or alternatively a bankruptcy liquidation, that made room for a new, more technology oriented car company. Bailing out ineffective GM managers and the UAW is ultimately bad for the country and its currency, probably sooner now than later.
  9. Goog peaked at 747 and it will revisit 700 sooner than you think. Only down 50%.
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