Ben Shapiro vs. Piers Morgan on guns, great video.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Got to admit, When i first saw this guy i misjudged him, he looks like he is 12 years old, and i thought to my self, here we go again, another guy who is going to embarass champions of freedom on Piers show.

    Then Shapiro stepped up, and absolutely demolished Piers, to the point where many times Piers refuses to answer, or he just switched the topic to another strawman argument which has nothing to do with the debate.

    This was far different than the way Lapierre and Alex Jones came across, both of whom i have been highly critical of, simply because they looked like raving lunatics. The right needs a pro gun spokesman like Shaprio in order to get the message through in such a way where they cant be demonised as crazy.

    When Lapierre and Alex Jones speak, both of them seemed like psychopaths, this kid was cool as a cucumber, and he owned Piers on almost every legitimate point.

    My only wish is that when some ass hat like Piers focuses in on how a few mass shooting happened with AR-15's someone would respond and point out that they want to ban AR-15's which cause less than 1 half of 1 percent of gun deaths yearly in the states, yet they say they will allow pistols which cause an exponentially higher chunk of deaths. Shapiro did key in on how hand guns cause exponentially more damage, but i would love to see him put some actual numbers up on that one, and use it as a consistent defense every time Piers called for an "assault weapons" ban.

    One final point, I saw an article the other day that pointed out Piers modus operandi, and it showed how Piers likes to put a pro gun person on, that is both proceeded by, and followed by an interview with a gun victim, tonight was no different. They started by interviewing Giffords, followed with Shapiro, then closed with a victrim of a mass shooting.

    If the Right got guys like Shapiro to constantly debate the argument on T.V. they would be winning this thing hands down right now, we need to keep loons like Alex Jones off T.V, all he does is help the people who want to ban guns.

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  2. That guy was good ,Morgan had his ass handed to him.LMAO when he said don't lump me in with Alex Jones LOL !!!
  3. achilles28


    Shapiro did really well. Knocked it outta the park.

    Max, I know you think Alex is a loon. But many people resonate with his aggressive, in-your-face style. Not everyone wants to sit around the table and play tiddly-winks while we're inches away from gun confiscations.
  4. They're still playing the Jones video on MSNBC multiple times a day.They haven't played a clip of the Morgan / Shapiro debate yet
  5. Which aptly demonstrates the media is full of biased twits (just like yourself) with an agenda.

    You losers are avoiding discussing this interview like it's ebola.