Ben S. Bernanke: Could be Hall of Fame Chairman

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Mercor, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. March 21 (Bloomberg) -- The biggest commodity collapse in at least five decades may signal Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke has revived confidence in U.S. financial firms.


    The Saudis will be pumping oil this summer to lower prices to keep the dems from winning and bailing out of the middle east.

    The public polls show Americans expect a recovery in 2009

    If Benny pulls this out, his methods will be studied in econ classes for the next 50 years.

    This will be the Bernanke recovery.

    There will be a new branch of economics called Bernankism!
  2. at the verge of collapse.
  3. LOL - Biggest commodity collapse in 5 decades.

    How about the fantastic crushing inflationary runup that preceded the " collapse"

    Stay tuned for oil and gold to make new highs. I think the collapse will turn out to be a pullback.
  4. I too think the "collapse" is going to present an opportunity to get in at better prices. Demand for commodities will continue to increase and the prices will be exacerbated by Bernanke's foolish liquidity injections to save his friends on Wall St. at the expense of the entire nation and even the world. He's an idiot of magnanimous proportion.

  5. Did you mean Hall of Shame?
  6. Yes I did
  7. If it works, Bernanke goes down in history as the greatest economist of all time. But most likely we're just gonna see a dollar collapse and massive inflation. I am SHOCKED he has been able to keep the bubble afloat for this long though. It is working temporarily at least. The commodities collapse does signal faith in U.S. Dollar. Why? Bernankeism is working.