Ben needs to borrow Tritchet's Balls

Discussion in 'Economics' started by chewbacca, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Trichet is one bad ass mofo..........staying very firm and not budging at all by cutting rates.........ben is such a pussy in comparision............a by the end of next week, ben will have cut 125 basis points in two weeks just cause some weak ass overleveraged longs got liquidated en mass - that is an unpresendented show of weakness..........wouldn't be suprised if Trichet RAISED RATES to combat inflation..........he is a monetary hero......
  2. Trichet is gangsta in the monetray world. A rate hike would be nice. It will have short term pain for Europe but when the dust settles a new empire will arise.
  3. LOL! Really? What empire is that?

    Sometimes I wonder what drugs you're on, Kin. Some days you're lucid and intellectual, others you're a raving lunatic.
  4. Let's not forget the obvious. ECB has one goal to fight inflation. Fed has 2. Growth and inflation.
  5. No drugs -- which may be the problem. I'm really just disgruntled due to losing so much money in 07.
  6. BTW, 90% of the sillyness is tongue-in-cheek. I've been doing it for so long people can't tell the difference. It's all in good fun though, for me and anyone along for the ride. There is a good junk of people who find it annoying, but good luck you folks on getting Barron to ban me.