Ben is a horrible poker player!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PAPA ROACH, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. What a fucking idiot!! He plays his ace's on a pot that had nothing in it! The market was already up 12 pts, why not wait for another sell-off to play your hand?

    Looks like he has now used all his cards, god help us if this too fails (it will).

    Does this make home values go up and everyone want to buy?
    Do subprime borrowers now have higher credit scores?
    Do more people now qualify for loans?
    Do maxed out credit card borrowers now get an extra 10 thousand to spend?

    The answer is not just no, but FUCK NO! The perma-bulls need to realize the situation cannot be fixed with lower rates and only a period of assett deflation and recession will get us to the next bull market cycle.
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    its psychology again, the fact that its a global 'coordination' might bankers to ease up a little
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    Papa... your right but it won't make any difference :confused:

    I gave up on these politicians and policy makers long ago, just trade what you see. :cool:
  4. This is like the kid that keeps hiding and trying to avoid the bully that is looking for him, eventually he always gets his ass kicked.
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    Best quote I've heard to sum up this messed up market.:D
  6. Gotta agree. Im getting tired of all the games. Announce this shit in one day and get it over with.

    This is about the craziest thing i've seen. Markets fall 300 points and they come out with this.

    What are they trying to prove?

    Hope the next set of ARMs take out the whole system.
  7. The FED does not view the Economy as you do. They are not obsessed with HOUSING as you are. If they were, they would have been much more AGGRESSIVE months ago.

    They clearly have not.

    There is a reason for this, as is there reason for coming up with "creative" ways to liquify the system, as they did this morning with their coordinated global effort for an auction of liquidity.
  8. The FED is the reason we are in this shit to begin with! If you think any different then you're an idiot.

    I am not obsessed with housing as you state, I am obsessed with the simple fact that this is now a mountain of debt that can't be serviced by the consumer anymore, and they just can't come to grips with that. That tells me they are extremely worried about a total system collapse based not on subprime, landis, but on the first domino of set-offs of CDS's (there's 45.5 TRILLION of 'em in the US). Wonder who the bag holder is on that?

    Liquidity injections will not prevent what is about to happen, only delays it.
  9. I never said they were.

    I would disagree.
  10. LMFAO!! The "pot" has grown and Ben used his good cards already, what a cryin' shame.
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