Ben Dover. COSTCO to accept food stamps in test run

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, May 27, 2009.

  1. I need to get some of that free money.

    I see lots of perfectly able folks using food stamp cards.

    They could be cleaning toilets or picking lettuce, but they prefer my money in their pocket.

    I need to get some of that free money.
  2. I gave you 5 stars because this will create an interesting social dynamic, because typically, the suburban well-off shop at Costco.

    You can tell by where they locate their stores and by scanning the types of vehicles in the parking lot.
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    I got a costco and bjs right near my house. Now I guess costco will look just like bjs inside their store. The two places have dramatically different customers and they are not even an 1/8th of a mile apart. In fact most of my non food stamp entitled friends have stopped shoppping at Bjs for over a year now. Man I fucking love shopping at costco because their no credit card, no food stamp, cash or debit only policy has made that place so effecient for so long. Its the only place where you can have huge ass lines and still get out in a few minutes. Try that shit at walmart, Bjs, lowes, HD etc.
  4. I love Costco it's my favorite. Sams is ok too. No BJW anywhere I have been.

    I shopped at Costco in Fountain Valley, CA for about 6 weeks. Man the freakin' hassled me on some legit returns. But then the economy sucks in CA so they probably have a lot of folks "abusing" their return policy. On the way back to Denver I went to the one off of Charleston in Vegas. The closed at 7:45, but then the neighborhood looked a bit sketchy, didn't know that til I got there. They sold individual pastries marketed to the Hispanic community. What is the point of going to a bulk warehouse to buy a single pastry? Never seen such a thing at a Costco. Back here Denver all is good, no hassles, and the unemployment rate is lower than either NV or CA too.
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    quoted for posterity.