Ben Carson: Spiraling Obamacare Costs

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    Ben Carson: Spiraling Obamacare Costs Should Make Americans 'Extraordinarily Worried'

    "...But many low-income workers are expected to remain uninsured because Obamacare bars employees who have an offer of “affordable” workplace coverage from receiving new tax credits for private insurance — and that could be a better deal for middle-class workers, the AP reports.

    Carson told Cavuto that so many low-income workers plan to opt out of Obamacare when it takes full effect at the first of the year because it is being forced on them.

    “People are not going to do it if they’re not forced to do it,” he said. “That was actually why Obamacare came along, because they felt that you needed to force people to do things because they would not do it on their own.

    “To a degree, that’s true, but that’s also a part of a free-enterprise system,” he added. “Perhaps, making it attractive to people — rather than bludgeoning them into it — might be the better way to do it.”

    But, moreover, Carson said: “The real problem here is that you’re taking a massive program and thrusting it without tests onto an unsuspecting populace.

    “The smart thing to do is to take it piecemeal, bit by bit, and make sure this part is working, and then do the next part — and make sure it’s working — and the next part. That’s the way intelligent people do things.

    “To take something with many parts that, historically, have not worked very well, amalgamate them all together — and then say, ‘Now, this is going to be super and everything’s going to work perfectly,’ really doesn’t make any sense.”