Ben Bernankes statement tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by rfriend73, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Vague and subjective like his last commentary or do you think he will give something concrete for the market to work on ?
  2. AbbotAle


    I don't know but I wish the stockmarket would go back to what's it's all about, ie deals, profits, corporate finance and the like rather than it all being about the central bank.

    And they wonder why the economy is not doing well...
  3. Today's market is "all about the Fed".

    Think, "Caligula", "Nero".

  4. MattSF


    You're asking a message board. This is why you fail.
  5. And the way you answer makes this message board fail
  6. I was interested in hearing educated thoughts and opinions..thanks for your insightful and constructive commentary.
  7. Humpy


    Bernanke about to go ? About time really. Hasn't done much of any substance imho. Just a yes man to Democraps.

    Soon forgotten, along with Greenspit or was it splat.