Ben Bernanke: The Decider

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  1. Amid great economic stress, policymakers have missed many opportunities to improve the situation and better the lives of people.

    The leadership void in the U.S. was illustrated by the dismal display of policy dysfunction that led the country to lose its AAA credit rating. European leaders have fared no better.

    Ben Bernanke and the Fed, however, have demonstrated leadership. What is both remarkable and instructive for the outlook for monetary policy is how active the Fed remains even though it has reached the zero-bound for interest rates.​


    It is Ben Bernanke’s finest hour.

    You can criticize Ben Bernanke as much as you want, but I think Tony Creszenci is right with his assessment on "helicopter Ben"! At least he is a decider and not a coward like his European counterparts!
  2. Yeah, flood the Eurozone with "printing" so you can try to salvage some of the damage from your perpetual bullishness...You've been dead wrong for months now, all the while critizing any rational analysis of the situation.

    Just one bullshit shill storyline after another. Give it up already.
  3. So, you are still short? Sorry to hear... :cool:

    Maybe you have missed the latest headline:

  4. The latest headline...don't make me laugh. There is a new headline every few hours..all just a way to buy more time.

    Remember, thought they'd "fix" the Eurozone mess 3 months ago.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Just because someone recognizes stupid action, doesn't mean they are short.

    We all know you want the ECB to print because you are stuck long. You've essentially said this over and over again. But you're getting ridiculous.

    Bernanke is a bankster, end of story.
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    just to be fair bernanke is probably just a puppet, got into a job with grand visions to do good, thinking that he is to solve the crisis with his study of the great depression and realized later he f**ked up in his analysis, then got involved with some really bad bankters, where his only options is do whatever they want or leave with a name as having failed as head of fed = no future, so he does what anyone else would do in his position
  7. Decide on what? Since subprime,We have been lurching from one crisis to the next over the last what is it now, 4-5 years?

    Bernanke has no clue what is going on and neither does anybody else including all the so called "expert" opinions proferred on this forum.

    5 years from now, nothing is going to be better because NO ONE HAS A FUCKING CLUE, and we will still be around here moaning and bitching.
  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I think you give him way, way too much credit. If I were faced with the choice of either ruining millions of lives with inflation and dollar debasement, or being branded a failure and being forced out, I'd take the package. At least i could sleep.

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    What the fuck is this shit?