Ben Bernanke: Someone pay him to go & study the Great Depression or do anything else

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  1. What an idiot.

    Plosser and Fisher are the only fed members who have an iota or scintilla of intelligence.

    I believe Bernanke is trading commodities actively, hoarding oil, gold and grains.

    I'm sure this quarter point cut today is really going to do a lot for the U.S economy.

    Thanks for the $4.50 gasoline, Ben. And the $4 milk and $3.50 per loaf bread.
  2. I'm gonna cut milk and bread from my diet and replace them with grubs and puddle water. Thank you Ben.

  3. As I pointed out in another thread a short while ago, Greenspan took the fed funds rate to 1% in 2003, and Bernanke sees this as a personal challenge.
  4. Well, HedgeFund Trader2 thinks that everything is just fine! I guess, Ben went to the same school as HFT2.
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    Buy helicopter stocks
  6. After taking the same remedial economics course together over and over again, how could they not agree?
  7. True!
  8. And trying to out do Greenspan and cut it to 0% by the end of his tenure?

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    Would someone please fire Bernake. He is fuckin over every American in order to save corrupt big banks and the Stock Market. How can they just devalue the Dollar and continue to do it without regard for the price of food and enrgy?
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