Ben Bernanke : republicans will destroy the economy.

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  1. republicans have been telling us for years now that if they slash spending the economy will take off. you have to wonder if these guys ever took an economics class, so what does bernanke think?

    In a speech delivered at a Federal Reserve retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyo., Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke warned Friday in unusually clear terms that spending cuts at both the federal, state, and local level have become significant impediments to economic growth,
    (translation. if republicans win and actually go ahead with their slash and burn policies they will tank the economy)
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    "Ben Bernanke : republicans will destroy the economy.

    I was under the impression Ben had already destroyed it.
  3. Quoting Ben Bernanke on the economy is like quoting Adolf Hitler on the Holocaust
  4. i don't understand why people bash bernanke

    just buy gold and let the man print geesh :D
  5. Right...and racking up trillions more debt, extending ZIRP another five years will do wonders for us...
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    And I suppose the Democrats that have taken an economics class will make a case that spending significantly more money then you take in and funding it with Bond sales to Japan & China will make for a strong and sound economy.
  7. Shit, we moved past that "bond sales to Japan & China" sometime ago. We're in complete smoke and mirrors territory nowadays.
  8. King Dollar Baby!! :D
  9. an argument can be made that we will have to eventually take our medicine and reduce spending and suffer through the economic downturn it will cause but dont be a moron(republican) and try to say that cutting spending will spur economic growth.
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