Ben Bernanke needs a lesson - sell the US Dollar

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  1. Gentlemen,

    this so called "press conference" was a farce. Sell your US Dollar holdings and show Mr. Bernanke very personally what you think about his "Hollywood" appearance.

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    It might be best not to let your trades become more emotional than they already are...
  3. Benny Bernanke is long silver and gold futures in his private account. He's probably been long for months.
  4. can't really blame the Man for not relying solely on his Social Security benefits
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    What happens when the dollar finally goes into TOTAL FREE FALL????

    Cause its going to happen.....Get ready for it, inflation will be running rampant, you think its bad now well just wait how bad inflation is going to get. Bubble ben bernanke doesnt give a fuck about the dollar, if he did he would have done something months and months ago instead all he does is continue to flood the market with cheap dollars to prop up everything he possibly can. Might be happy times in equities now but when the drop comes again, it wont be so nice.
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    Value 73.03 One-Year Chart for DOLLAR INDEX SPOT (DXY:IND)
    Change -0.292 (-0.398%)
    Open 73.27
    High 73.34
    Low 73.02
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  8. I'm sure he'll get a nice pension from the Fed (much more than SS) but it will still be dollar-denominated. So yes, he probably does hold a lot of PMs.
  9. Sell off dollar and move to Chindia
  10. I'm going to go long in the Swiss franc.
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