Ben Bernake did NOT cause this mess

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  1. leave the poor bastard alone. it was that ugly old bag Greenspan who kep rates down for too long and pumped up housing to extraordinary levels and justifies their irrational prices with his jibberish that Einstein could'nt understand on his best day.
    Bernake inherited this bubble and deflating it lightly was impossible because of,well,the ugly old bag greenspan who decides to write a book about how irrational the market and real estate got. bernanke came in at the toughest time in our financial history and you must give him credit. you have jerk off's like cramer saying "he knows nothing". personally i find it hard to believe that Cramer was really that upset,the bald bastard who loses everyone and their mother money needs to take acting lessons. he did'nt fool me. that tirade was for publicity so he can pimp himself. when the fed lowered the discount window and the futures were up a million points,Cramer came on tv and told everyone this will be the biggest rally in history and it was a bottom. the bald basterd was WRONG again for the millionth time. i can trade better than the fag with a bag over my head.
    so leave bernanke alone,he is doing his best which is better than anyone else can do at the moment.
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    You're kidding ... )
  3. It's not either chairmans' fault alone. It's the federal reserve system that's a fault. They drove rates way down, including mortgage rates and endorsed adjustable rate mortgages. Then they went on a campaign of relentless rate increases. What did they expect. It seems planned to me.
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    " Ben Bernake did NOT cause this mess " ?

    this mess just come out of the thin air ??? .. :)
  5. is everybody blind ! it was greenspan that caused this mess and bernanke is the one left cleaning it up.
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    You are right in the fact that Bernanke did not cause this scenario, but he is definitely faciliatating, the disaster of the end of the means on this scenario.
  7. I concur. However, you can blame it on people with IQ's less than 100 and mostly from countries south of our border for contributing to this.

    You can also blame it on current tax laws for home selling. It encouraged flipping in daytrader style fashion.

    But who you can really blame it on is the person who enacted that law and the government for not realizing what kind of mess this would turn into by not stepping in to regulate.

    But maybe this was how it was supposed to work anyway by the powers to be. From those who get some sort of kick out of making people look stupid through man made pyramid schemes. Its become such a sad state of affairs this life we live in.
  8. I'm seeing the vector of causality, the finger of blame if you will, pointing to that incredible assclown Clinton. And probably Geo Soros saw the debt crisis coming and manipulated the ABX fund to screw up the ratings on the subprimes in time for the upcoming elections...
  9. i DO NOT blame those that took on a sub prime mortgage or adjustable rate loan as long as they bought without a profit motive so to speak. 99% of these people somehow thought in their heart of hearts that they could afford it. the banks and the media helped that belief out. however,it was the investor/flipper/and the investment banks who are the real culprits as is the greenspan and a bunch of other banking officials.
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