Beloved Left Wing Guru Nate Silver completely blows the superbowl.

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    Max E.

    I always find it funny when people look at someone like Nate Silver as some sort of Genius simply because he was a bull in a bull market, or in Silvers case a Liberal, in a Liberal market.

    Lots of strutting like that going around on ET these days, whereby people who picked Obama and the liberals to win fancy themselves as some sort of predictive geniuses, while they shun everyone who picked against them, even though we all know 95% of the picks were people talking up their own desire and the picks had little to nothing to do with objective analysis.

    Let me know when a so called statistician goes against the odds on favourite, and their desired outcome, and simply picks a dog. Silver never does that, he is a paid liberal, who makes liberal predictions, in a market where it has paid to be liberal, he has nohing in the way of original thought to offer.

    Nate Silver Predicts Super Bowl Matchup Featuring Patriots vs. Seahawks (VIDEO)

    Apparently unwilling to rest on his laurels after garnering wide acclaim for his remarkably accurate predictions for the U.S. Presidential election (aka the "Super Bowl" of politics) at his Five Thirty Eight blog at The New York Times, statistician Nate Silver has unleashed his mind on a decidedly more (ahem) hard hitting matter: the actual Super Bowl.

    In an interview Thursday, Silver told ESPN's "First Take" that he's predicting a Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl matchup. Citing data from "Football Outsiders," a prominent football statistics site that attempts to "bring objective analysis to football," Silver prognosticated that the No. 2 seed from the AFC and the No. 5 seed from the NFC would reach New Orleans.

    While a pick of New England to represent the AFC won't likely surprise anyone, why Seattle over the Atlanta Falcons or San Francisco 49ers? As Silver explains it, balance is the key:

    San Francisco... played very well for much of the year,” said Silver, “In terms of the balance overall between offensive and defensive play, Seattle had that best balance throughout the year and... in the second half, were blowing people out by 50-to-7 scores and so forth. So, they had the best stats from the regular season.
    And as for the Patriots, Silver predicts a Denver-Patriots playoff game will become the de facto Super Bowl, but ultimately the Patriots will come out on top and advance to the biggest game.
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    Silver was beloved of the right in 2010. I wonder why. ; )
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    And you are still despised in 2013. I wonder why.
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  5. To be fair.... Nate Silver did state in an interview before the 2012 election that it is much more difficult to use statistics to correctly predict sports outcomes than elections.
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    Nate Silver sounds like a name for a skunk.
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    that is because politics only gets tested every few years.
    As the op said silver is a liberal in a liberal market.