Belmont Stakes

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    "I'll Have Another" scratched from the race. What a disaster. There goes the triple crown and the ratings.
  2. I hit my personal down time, and no disrespect intended, but who the hell cares? My wife grew up doing horse comptetions, but the horse racing thing, just bores the hell out of me. No different than dog races, dog fighting, cock fighting, just boring to me. Not to mention golf and bowling. I do play golf, but watching it and pretending like it is exciting, cracks me up. Horse racing falls into that same category.
    Again, no disrepect intended, I just don't get the fasicination. I can't stand guys driving in an oval either. Give me Formula 1 everyday, or the cycle races, especially the races on the Isle of Man. Football, soccer, hockey, even baseball, but horse racing, nope. Baseball is pushing the limits, and I coach baseball. Horse racing maybe better than baseball as it is over quicker as opposed to the clowns who stretch out a game that shouldn't last as long as it does. I'm not too popular as I raise hell when the games take too long, but I've been told I have ADHD. Cry me a river I prefer true human competition, and humans putting it at risk at the edge.
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    Horses are probably the truest of all athletes in the world. They are more competitive then man and don't do it for the money or the glory, they race to compete. It's truly amazing to watch.

    Of course others are fascinated by the mathematics of horse betting.

    I'm becoming more and more bored of juiced up athletes that walk from their teams because they can't get the 50 million in guaranteed money they want up front. Half of them could care less about the very sport they are playing.
  4. I hear you, but you do know that just like humans, and unfortuantely, by humans these athletes are juiced also? Just like human athletes the people that put these horses out there look for every edge, and the edge that avoids detection more importantly. They do drug test the horses, just like human athletes, so to me at least they are no more pure. They fill them with drugs to perform, and avoid detection. I think you could also say the level of intelligence between the two maybe equal that they allow idiots to manipulate them and take perfomance enhancing drugs. Of course I won't argue the animals have a say, but quite a few of the people who people spend time worshipping are in the same category, which I know will offend some, but in my 2 cents is pretty equal. Alot of our"elite" human athletes are simply drug experiments who haven't been detected as of yet.
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    I prefer trotting; it's more tactical.
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    Not to highjack the thread. But I've NEVER been a fan of spectator sports.

    Give me a horse to ride in a race - that's exciting.
    Suit up and play in a (any) game) - that's exciting.
    Put me on a golf course - great.
    Put me in a bed with a porn star - super.
    Put me in a race car - that's exciting.

    But to sit around and watch someone else enjoying the competition, having all the fun and making all the money? No thanks. As far as I'm concerned I might as well be jerking off to porn. It's just not the same as actually participating.
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    I used to be a professional sports/horse bettor, so I got to enjoy watching, and make money.

    There's something aesthetically about most sports, and I enjoy it in the same way as I enjoy both math and art.