Belligerence is the currency of the intellectually bankrupt

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    Town hall Meetings

    Not only are anti-reformists showing up, they’re terrorizing legislators with their tomfoolery when they do. Blinded by fear and passion, armed with misinformation and misplaced anger, they descend on these meetings and hoot and holler in an attempt to shut down the debate rather than add to it.

    I must say that this says more about them than it does about any forthcoming legislation. Belligerence is the currency of the intellectually bankrupt.

    Trapped in their vacuum of ideas, too many Republicans continue to display an astounding ability to believe utter nonsense, even when faced with facts that contradict it.

    A Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll released last Friday found that 28 percent of Republicans don’t believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States and another 30 percent are still “not sure.” That’s nearly 6 out of 10 Republicans refusing to accept a basic truth. Then again, this shouldn’t surprise me. According to a Gallup poll released last summer, 6 in 10 Republicans also said they thought that humans were created, in their present form, 10,000 years ago.

    Let’s face it: This is no party of Einsteins. Really, it isn’t. A Pew poll last month found that only 6 percent of scientists said that they were Republicans.
  2. How come he didn't include how many democrats believe Bush was behind 9/11?
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    Democrats (and I am not in love with them either!!) do not form militias and try to crash town hall meetings like the dumb, white trash GOP sheep.
  4. 6 in 10 have doubts about Obama's citizenship?????
    6 in 10???????????????

    Truly, the party of trailer trash. Unbelievable.
  5. jem


    How the hell can anyone with a brain say Obama was born in the United States.

    Until a writer or speaker can confess he or she has no dispositive evidence on the subject of whether Obama is a natural born citizen - that writer can not be believed. In fact you should any writer writer who proclaims that Obama is a Natural born citizen to be a fool just as you may consider any writer who says that he knows Obama is not a natural born citizen.

    Without evidence only fools make statements.
  6. debate? are you fucking kidding me?

    If we don't act in the next 4 months ... the world is going to end!!


    BTW, belligerence is my middle name :D ... (And I am far from "intellectually bankrupt")
  7. The brain also thinks it's the most important and advanced body organ.
    The asshole would beg to differ.
  8. The preponderance of the evidence is way way way over on the side of Obama having been born in the USA.
    Just like it's way way way over on the side that Oswald acted alone.
    And that bin Laden really did do 9/11 by flying planes into the various buildings, not through controlled explosions or missiles into the Pentagon.
    Y'all are entertaining for a short time, but you never know when your time is done.
  9. "...mowe..."

    How's Curly and Larry?


  10. man, if that isn't a bumper sticker ... it ought to be
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