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  1. Staring at all those flashing pixels on your computer screen all day is not only putting strain on your eyes, causing you headaches, muscle fatigue, but it might also be effecting your portfolio performance negatively.

    So selecting the right background colors on your computer screen is very important not only to your physical health but also to the health of your trading account performance. For example, many studies have found that the yellow color has more calm effect on the human psychology, that is why you find that most metal health wards is painted with a yellow color, also studies have found that the red color makes the person more aggressive in his actions.

    Therefore, I think as trader, it is very important to select the right screen brightness and chart background colors to be in harmony with you room surrounding and trading style.

    Does that make sense?
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  3. Yep . . . . . you took you took your first baby step in trading.
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    This is what I would classify as a secondary or minor issue compared to the primary issue that you may just not be a good trader or have a working method. Point being primary issue take priory over secondary issue.
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    It has been over 4 years for me, and I have still not even attempted the idea of soothing sounds to accommodate the soothing colors. It is a long journey for me, for sure.

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    I can't stand yellow, hurts my eyes, use white. I have cataracts both eyes but very mild so far and know am month away on taking eye drops for normal-tension glaucoma as optic nerve has reduced thickness. Just another hill to climb.

    Most of my years of 100k hours screen time been with black backgrounds, most likely that didn't help.

    There always going to be folks who not been able to turn the corner, we were all there, and most bring up articles or different kind of posts which I think is cool.
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    Yes, I often wonder about that. (I've also used some black-background charts in the past, but I use white or more accurately off-white, now).
  8. Step 1 - get right background colors

    Step 2 - make MILLIONS
  9. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I see orange is your favorite color, If you know what I mean!:D
  10. I believe the rule of thumb when it comes to background colors is that “If you are trading in a brightly- lit office then you use bright or white colors and if you trade in a dark room then you use dark colors.”

    Personally, I use daylight bulbs to light my home office so naturally I use white as my background color.
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