Believe it or not

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  1. From Risk Center:
    Location: New York
    Author: RiskCenter Staff
    Date: Monday, March 2, 2009

    It's a sign of the times when ...

    The Sunday paper costs more than NYT stock
    The Citi ATM fee costs more than C stock
    The paper that a mortgage is written on costs more than FRE stock
    A subscription to Sirius Satellite radio would cost more than SIRI stock
    A gallon of gas costs more than F stock
    One ride costs more than SIX (Six Flags) stock
    A bottle of soda costs more than JSDA (Jones Soda) stock
    A 5 minute long distance phone call costs more than VG (Vonage) stock
    A 5 stick pack of gum costs more than RAD (Rite-Aid) stock
    The strawberries in a smoothie cost more than JMBA (Jamba Juice) stock

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    maybe they should giveaway stock w/each purchase...
  4. And they are going lower, ha ha ha ...