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    Its so crazy, that so many hard working folk, find it hard to get rich Or are we, just a hair trigger away Can you think of a better way, of spending your time? Than understanding the markets. Keep chugging Don’t let, the buggers get you down Who said that, to who? I press on with the markets

    Does day trading work? It can. But its very tough And that’s if, you have everything going for you, And not many people do.To be successful, you have to consider the emotional aspect to where the problems lies, in the fact that most people, EXPECT too much'

    The right way to operate You need, structure and rules Not ego, goading, one-upmanship, and guessing. Anyhow It’s a personality thing its also, what you believe about yourself

    It can be done, but its a bloody hard and rocky road to the dream.

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    I'M not going to say if i'm a good or a bad trader, it does not matter and i dont real care what people think. But what I will tell you is, learned to DIVORCE YOUR EGO FROM THE TRADE. Trading is a psychological game? Most people think that they're playing against the market, but the market doesn't care
  3. I had a hard time processing your post even though i think I got the gist. I have to agree that belief in yourself is one of the key factors to success.

    I read a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napolian Hill.

    A few points that I found helpful is extreme Desire coupled with Belief(faith) that you can and will accomplish your goals will manifest the accomplishment of your goals. The book also suggests cutting off all outs for yourself until the only thing you can do is succeed. While I find this step to be the hardest, I found that when I had hte chance to bail out and take a Invstment Banking job but chose to stick it out because i was obsessed with figureing it out is when things really came together.

    Also, another movie that is entertaining and pertains to beliefs is a movie called What the Bleep do we Know? I have the dvd and give it away to friends because I believe that we are in the drivers seat of our fate. You may find it useful and enjoyable.

    Lets take advantage of another opportunity to fulfill our goals in the new year.
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    Maybe you did have processing my writing I do write in riddles some times what ever come from my head. I just write it down, some times it dont make sense to me till maybe a week later. anyhow.

    Why does this game, take so much time, to see the light cos we are human, and always default to psyche one must have: a plan with fixed rules& patience, to be able to, implement ones plan Patience, is what most people, don’t and wont and cant have

    Basically cos, the system of things, makes them do things; instead of waiting for the 5-star rule set Its personality, I guess this much I know; 99% would not perform, on any rule set
    The punter always thinks, he is smarter than the rule set althoug one must over rulethis somtiimes .like if a 18 ton lorry drifted in to your lane when you was driving you car,you say to your self i'm in the correct lane he should move out of the way.but in this case you must over rule you rule set.and move in the wrong lane to get out of the way.

    As for the book think and grow rich by Napolian Hill its a great book and it on my shelf
  5. On the contrary. Belief in yourself is a hazard... a trap.

    Logic and discipline are the most important positive traits of traders. I would categorize "belief in yourself", or belief in "anything" as among the negatives.

    (I'm so weak. My New Year's resolution about trading was to not post about trading... January ONE, and I've already fallen off the wagon. Well, maybe just this once.):D
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    If you dont believe in your self you cant have discipline. you need the two. well I should say three and a plan

    Nice to see you posting again lol
  7. You guys really need to sepeate the two

    1) believe in self/confidence/ego

    2) discpline

    All two seperate things, All required for different uses.

    Theres not a day goes by where I don't think I can become one of the best traders in the world.

    And theres also never a day where I break a rule because of my knowledge of my trading system, there is no need to break rules. There is no need to drive off course, I drive straight because I know where I am going.

    With confidence, not only do I know where I am going, I drive at 80 mph.
    Confidence accelerates performance, it isn't suppose to be mixed with performance.

    This is what seperates money from the paycheck to paycheck traders.
  8. I understand the rhetoric about treating each day as a business, sure, this is not a casino and you are not on vacation. This is a game of calculating probabilities and making your move on such. As Marty Schwartz said "make the cash register ring". But, imo if you do not have Confidence/Ego/Swagger you are doomed to be sliced and diced and posting repetitively in the psychology forum, anyone who doesn't agree: observe CBOE/CME/CBOT pits for a few months - they all share certain personality traits. Actually, this should be requirement before getting your trading badge.
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    I my self have an EGO we all have, but I dont want to have an EGO with the market, This is the point i am making..
  10. most traders are human arbs, most belong to the status quo. the great money is made off speculation and manifests itself from belief. a belief in the idea and a belief in oneself.

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