Belief in God and Market Perspective

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by FredBloggs, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. FredBloggs

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    are you a trader?
    do you believe in God?

    may seem unrelated, but....

    if you are a trader you look at outcomes in terms of probability and payoff right?


    if you have no belief, and there is God, you lose. if you have belief you win.

    if you have belief or no belief, and there is no God, your outcomes are the same.

    therefore, it makes sense to have belief mathematically, despite science trying to prove otherwise.

    (idea from mr n n taleb)
  2. volente_00


    Belief in something solely out of fear, is just as bad as not believing at all.
  3. If you believe in God, pray for wisdom. If you don't, I'll pray for you but it's not as fast acting.
  4. Nanook


    Please clarify, what is your definition of "God"?
  5. For starters you can read your various insurances policies and take note of the exclusions they won't pay that are an act of God.

    Wind, thunder, water, poorly installed mortar in joints, these sort of things.
  6. Lucrum


    Oh it's unrelated.
  7. By that definition, it would appear that the Old Boy has a penchant for calamity.
  8. your question is not a new one - every heard of pascal's wager?
  9. Yeah, but he got it wrong. His logic was faulty. Since many religions believe that only their god is the true god and everyone else will go to hell, which of the countless sects of the numerous religions are you to adhere to for the promised "salvation?"
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