Belief...believe it or not!

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  1. Understanding the true power of belief will bring mastery to the frontier of human development. In reality, belief and your willingness to recieve are two sides of the same coin.

  2. Beliefs should be a search for truth and understanding, not denying reality so you can have faith in a compendium of books written by unknown authors over hundreds and hundreds of years complied much later by other fallible men, as 100% literally correct. That is a faith that is truly blind
  3. vehn,

    Although you often write very cogent posts when talking about trading, you are an incredible naive believer in anything that you dish up in defense of your atheist creed.

    Over time, you became a bit more careful with 'proving', 'science' and the like. You can't be blamed for this as most 'modern' man indeed rattle day-in day-out about science and scientists without having the faintest notion about what constitutes scientific knowledge or who qualifies as a scientist.

    Putting the subject of your atheist proselytism in perspective, one could refer to the transition period from Middleages to Modern Times as 'The Mechanization of the World View'. Today's propaganda - political and atheist - squares fully with this 'Mechanized World View'

    In truth, this view is considered largely as 'depasse' since about 100 years now. John Horgan, a senior editor of Scientific American, put together a book about this state of affairs based on an unbelievably vast range of interviews with ranking people of science. The book is titled: "The End of Science" and was a runaway national bestseller a few years ago. You may want to confront your personal convictions about 'reality', 'truth', even 'science' with the compilation by Horgan. In fact Horgan's book could be considered as a 20th century wind-down of the 'Mechanization of the World View' and its intoxicating optimism that started of a few centuries back.

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  4. Hello, Jesus.... nice to hear from you. I was wondering if you could clear up a few contradictions in your fathers book. I'd appreciate it. They concern your rising from the dead after 3.... I mean 2 days.


    When did everyone get to the tomb?

    Mark 16:2 - When the sun was rising in the day
    John 20:1 - When it was yet dark

    Who came?

    John 20:1 - Mary Magdalene alone
    Matt 28:1 - Mary Magdalene and the "other" Mary
    Mark16:1 - Mary Magdalene, Mary Mother of James & Salome
    Luke 24:10 - Joanna, Mary Mother of James & other women

    Tomb open or closed?

    Luke - open
    Matt - closed

    Who did (whoever was there) see?

    Matt - An Angel
    Mark - A young man
    Luke - 2 men
    John - 2 Angels

    Inside or Outside the tomb?

    Matt - outside
    Mark, Luke, John - inside

    Matthew is the only one who notices a great earthquake as well. I guess the others didn't take note.

    Christianity is based on this supposed event. If this took place, how could there be so many contradictions?

    One last prophecy that I do not believe was fulfilled:

    Matt 16:28 Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom. Why wasn't your second coming before these people died like you promised, sir... or are they over 2000 years old?
  5. nononsense it all boils down to this: in the scientific community ideas can change with the next test. in the religious community if you dont agree with the ideas prescribed by other men you are condemed. it is the reliance on faith that causes mans advancement to be held back. reliance on faith forces you to stop asking question and searching for answers.
  6. I disagree that the faithful stop searching for answers, if they had all the answers, they would not need to look to God for guidance....

    The questions for the faithful are spiritual in nature, and science has no answers for these questions that don't equally rely on faith to make them palatable....

    I really have nothing against the faith of the atheists, to each their own, but I continue to be surprised at the illogical and usually emotional position of the atheists who have problems with the faith of others.

    It always seems to come down to "my faith is better than your faith" arguments....

    The religious people bickering among themselves as to what is the right faith in God, and the atheists promoting their own faith in the human mind as the "right" way to live.....

    Oh, and when you are talking of "advancements" what you are talking about is scientific advancement, not change in the nature of human beings.

    For all of the scientific advancements and the explosion of material science, man still suffers just as much as he ever did from greed, fear, lust, envy, sloth, pride, and gluttony....

    Maybe even more so today than thousands of years ago, the more people advance scientifically, the more empty they feel inside as the gorging on the materialistic advancements leave them mostly malnourished spiritually.....

    And the scientific proof of that is in the amount of anti depressants and other scientific remedies used in America to deal with all the wonderful side effects of science.....

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    exactly...for every arugment that there is there is an argument that there isnt and vice versa...:eek:
  8. Hey Cubo, too bad about your Miami Heat. They don't have a "prayer."

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    They better have after the shit Riley pulled off...the guy quits 2 weeks before last season and makes Gundy scramble to make good on his new coaching gig and then pulls the rug from under Gundy when he takes us to the playoff's...

    in all seriousness we do have a chance cuz the dynamic duo will pull it off....:p
  10. Blessings vhehn!

    Thank you for your contribution. You remind me so much of Peter, when he was young :) Always the first to go off the deep end! In a good way though!

    I will be discussing three pillars of belief, as well as three unworkable ideas about belief. Observe then how we may agree or differ, as I have not judged you or your answer.

    Ask yourself about the causes behind what you have already received, and then what you will allow yourself to receive in the future. These are questions that will unlock the chamber of your true beliefs. Belief is a present time centering between past and future receptiveness. Only when you receive a change in your heart and soul, will your future be any different from your past.

    Here is a brief outline to be expanded upon as we go.

    There are three enduring certainties around which all positive belief develops. The first and most powerful is your connection with God. The second is an honest knowing of yourself. The third is that you shall receive as you have given. When you take these three points of knowledge into account, you will experience renewed certainty.

    There are three ideas about belief that are unworkable. To return to innocence we must first dismiss the first idea that power of belief has anything to do with wishing, hoping, projecting, or affirming wants that are not appropriate and meaningful to the nature of your being. The second unworkable idea is that belief is an affirmation about life offered against a backdrop of doubts and confusion. The third idea to dispel is that the act of belief somehow has a magical power to create what does not exist.

    So to begin, here is some food for thought:

    Your certainties ARE your beliefs. If you had any doubt, you would have no beliefs. On casual observation, you might think that to be the case with many people. However, it could not be true. Without belief, no one could exist. But not all beliefs are positive. Not all beliefs are noble. When uncertainty colors the surface of anyone's life, usually the certainties can be uncovered on a deeper level of consciousness, embedded within beliefs that are not positive enough to give abundance and fulfillment to life. Yet the soul clings to those negative beliefs with strength and firmness. This is where honesty about self and forgiveness of others are essential to the progress of life. Negative beliefs cannot change without that.

    God is the creator of all things, and everything already exists - at least in seed form. For you, nothing exists until you receive it. At times this phenomenon shows up dramatically. Something you would not receive may literally be invisible, and you would swear it was not existent or even in the range of possibility. Then it 'mysteriously' appears for you the moment you are truly ready to receive. This is the anatomy of miracles - the spontaneous appearance of that which was already given but unavailable until the moment you could receive. Many times it is necessary to release a negative consideration or doubt before you can receive.

    Belief is essential for existence; therefore you will always believe something. In areas of experience and consciousness where you have already created negative beliefs, adding a new positive one may only balance out the negative effects, but generate no positive change. This is the vacillation of doubt. It is a common and unfortunate cycle, which fosters discouragement and reluctance to master the power of belief.

    More later...


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