Belief and Market Determinism

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Joe Doaks, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. The thoughtful amoung you may foregiven, or even fivegiven, for wondering, "Why has the learned Professor Doaks chosen to post an academic missive on technical denalysis in the Psych Forum?" The simple and cleur answor is that technical analysis is the spawn of psycho analysis. And it is no typographical error that I have separated psycho from analysis.

    I belief that the markets are totally, if not more, determined. I belief that Burton Malkiel is the evil prawn of the chosen ones who malipulate the markets. Tell me, do you know any Burton who is not one of God's chosen? Burton is on the short list of approved newborn names. They do not want you to know that the markets are en fait udderly determunognostic. They use madjectives like random, or aleatoric, or unpredickable because they desperatively want you not to realicize that the mockets follow Newton's Laws.

    If I am not flamed to dearth, I will share with you porf prosative that price is determunosgnosticully Nootonium.

    Carts to foolow, unless you fame me.

    (If you do not like the untickical malalysis that I post hear for frea, go to the top of dis page at the sponsiors tread and pay for even dumbier UnTA.)
  2. I will proove, with Nootonean mathemagics, that Bitch Market sucks your mind like your new girlfreund sucks your dick.
  3. What happens at the end of this month?

    Are you going to become a 'weiner named Burton?