Belgium, France, Italy, Spain to ban short-selling

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by BCE, Aug 11, 2011.

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  2. Lucrum


    More worthless drivel from the peanut gallery.
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  3. I think they don't care of the long term effect. positive or negative. They need to blame someone and the fat cat wall street broker (that probably is picking his nose working at title) is the perfect target.

    In the mind of people, it is easy to convince that we are the bad guys. we wear (or can afford to wear) better suits. we drive lambos with a model in the passenger seat and we are young. we are the 1% that has 90% of YOUR MONEY. All that printing was because we are hording the money!

    Its an easy sell. Exactly what Obama needs im affraid. it has no back lash on them. it is seen as important as a major budget cut with no cost to governments. And will distract enough for people not to hear the printing press in the back ground.

    It is like a budget cut and a bank bail out in one! The government did their job, as hard as it is!
    I would fax them my vote from here if i could.

    It's the perfect political move. If the results are negative, it will be forgotten by then. And blame could be put on us some how again.

    That being said. I think this is a sad day in the sense that this may catch on..

    But it is one of the best days for us. We finally get to see what happens when a lot of day traders are not involved. how will our indicators react to this/

    will price just become linear.. or will there be no apparent difference? if we take the new chart and subtract it from the old chart what are we left with? Was it us that created the resistcance lines or them? it would be intresting if they said no trades with less then 1 month hold... then we'd be filtered out for sure.

    as for us here?

    Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity
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  4. come on that's not fare. post a chart of the stocks that were banned compared to the s&p.

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    I like the sarcasm. A chart of financials from 2008 vs anything isn't really fair.
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  6. You expect me to pay? (fair, not fare)

    Regardless, go ahead and dig up whatever you want and post it here. I'm not interested in doing your work. Thanks though.
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  7. if the short selling ban is not limited to average joe only, its ban in europe would lead to europe rise or limited fall. Short selling affects markets.
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    Some rumors can create realities in a panic driven market. Banning shorting takes away some incentives to spread rumors, its not just downside to do this
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    Yes, if it wasn't for the nasty speculators everything would be fine :)
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  10. If prior results are anything to go by, you wanna short the crap out of any short-term rally back to resistance. Since puts and index futures in these countries are still trading, it's not like the ban is going to work.
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