Belgium claim world record as they mark 249 days without a government

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  1. Belgians have been marking a near world record of 249 days without a government, due to political deadlock following June elections last year that failed to produce a clear winner.

    Despite the ongoing political crisis, residents are using Thursday to hold a "chips revolution", honouring a favourite national dish, with various events going on around the country.

    "Of course it is serious that we have no federal government," Kris Peeters, the Flemish minister-president of Flanders, said.

    "But on the other hand, I appreciate very much the humour of certain actions."

    "We've had enough of political games," Kliment Kostadinov, one of the organisers of the "chips revolution", told the AFP news agency.

    "We must get a government fast and a reform of our institutions that is good for all Belgians."
  2. thats chump change... somalia has no govt since 1991. ha ha.
  3. I think Belgium is a rich country. There are no financial problems in Belgium.
  4. belgium is not really a country
  5. My sincere suggestion is that there should be only 1 leader/politician for every country. Similar to Kings in early years where Kings would make the ultimate decision.

    Now there are 200 to 500 politicians (different countries) making decisions on behalf of the country. Nobody knows what is going on.