BELGIUM Anyone here from :

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by rollsafe, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. rollsafe



    Is anyone here from Belgium Or Close by.

    I live close to Luxembourgh, Brussels, Antwerp ETC

    Contact me if you are close by

  2. do you live in a RV or something?:D
  3. rollsafe


    I live in Brussels
  4. What do you mean?Are you in the midlle of these cities or what?
    They are in 3 different places :)
  5. Guty


    I live in Brussels too
  6. dowgold


    From Brussels, but in sunny Florida now... Just curious, what is the tax status on short-term trading in Belgium these days?
  7. Ah, Bruxelles, beautiful city, lived there 3 months back in 1999 ...

    How are internet connections there ?
  8. Alexis


    Internet connections are...ok:confused:

    Strange question...
  9. =======

    Not exactly, but had a Belgium Browning A5;
    excellant craftsmanship.

    Hope this helps;
    that Belgium Browning helped me.

    Wisdom is the principal thing.
  10. Antwerp
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