belgian investor needs your help!!

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    Hello everyone, i am new here. In order to quickly introduce me, i'd say that i am a 26 years old short term investor from Belgium, a small country in Europe. I have been trading stocks on the nasdaq and nyse for almost 8 years with some good results.

    I came here because i have a trading problem that i'd like to solve.
    My strategies are always the same, buying stocks when they hit all time lows and jumping on a stock when some big unexpected piece of information hit them.

    I have known since the beginning that stocks tend to move the most intraday on those special events. In my opinion the only difficulty remains to be able to screen the markets every second of trading hours and be alerted by mail (for example) when a stock price rises quicker and quicker or decreases quicker and quicker.

    So it would detect prices speed and acceleration in real time and inform the trader which stock is currently on the (big) move. I finally found a tool that would allow me to trade so. It's the "market motion detector" from TD ameritrade. Does anyone know if it works? I saw that one problem is that the screener only refreshes every 30 seconds, which seems slow.

    So I contacted TD ameritrade to open an account with the minimum cash required. Indeed, I intend to keep trading with my broker, so i would only use this TD account to have access to this "market motion detector" tool.

    They answered me that only american citizens could open a td ameritrade account and so that i would not have access to it. So this is the reason why i am here. I am looking for someone in the US who could open an account and give me access to it. Off course, i would put the minimum cash required to open it and never touch it anymore.

    I am ready to pay for this service. Is anyone interested? Would there be any problems related to tax administration for example?

    Sorry for my approximative english, i hope you still could understand me.

    Thanks for your answers and help.