Being the Only Miami Condo Occupier In A New 32 Story Building

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  1. i would not be surprised if that was you.:eek:
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if you took it in the ass.
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    The Condo King may have flipped himself upside down....The related group's Jorge Perez bit way more than he can chew this time...the icon is a monstrosity where brickell and downtown meet and its 85% vacant...peace
  4. Perez is Bankrupt. It was official as of about 8 weeks ago.

    The Icon has 1600 units, and they sold 31 units out of those 1600.
  5. That's a harsh (but also funny) cautionary tale if ever there was one. :p :D

    It seems that real estate is much more dificult to game than trading in stocks or futures. The lack of liquidity is a two-edged sword, where you can become filthy rich with little to no effort if you catch the growth periods, or endup with barely a pot-to-piss-in during the market downturns.
    As always, thanks for the interesting economic posts.

  6. You would think that they would at least rent out a few of those to just get some cash flowing in.

  7. EL Cubano which recent brickell bldg do you think will be the place to own, i have seen some prices on the Jade, its like 50% off.
  8. I'm just amazed that squatters haven't moved in ...
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