Being Positive In 09

Discussion in 'Economics' started by EMRGLOBAL, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. The name of the Game is making money. No matter what you do. So, there are a lot of Positives going forward if your Making Money.

    1. Cheaper goods. From Cars to homes. Florida, you can pick up homes and investment property for 10cents on the dollar in some areas. (Im looking at buying a home in San Antonio and it is amazing at what I can get for my money, best time ever to buy a home.)

    2. Clothing, cheaper by the day, including designers.

    3. Travleing will get cheaper as Hotels, Resorts are dropp'n prices like mad. (Just booked a holiday for March, the most expensive part was Airfair.

    4. So much opportunity to put money to work right now. From Low oil prices to individual key companies that will benefit from the "Governmental Moves". Depressed markets world wide. You just have to pay attention to what your buying into.

    5. Tax cuts under bush to stay the same with possible deeper Tax Cuts. AMT tax will not increase.

    I can list 100 things that will make 09 a great year for me. During the BOOM times, many get caught up in the "Run" on consuming everything and as we have seen, credit is afforded to those who shouldn't be "Purchasing" or "Investing" based on their "Net Worth".

    Now, is the time for bargins, chances at getting in a great position for the future, for when things do "Turn around" and the masses make a run for the product.