Being long through all the Noise.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hairdresser, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. When the posters started carping and whining, you have to hold firm. They are weak players.
  2. tomcole


    If they're players at all.
  3. Exactly, my point. When the girls start a cryin', i go a buyin'. This job is easy if you tune all the noise out.
  4. For example heres a post from today.

    "Tax cuts have not created a single job"

    Thats why you have to go elsewhere to not get influenced by the noise out there.


    What girls? The one's whose hair you do? As far as "noise" ... all I can say is areyoukidding? Oh wait, I think we've already figured that one out.

    You put out plenty of noise here with all your great threads.
  6. You cant be serious.

    It was entertaining for a while areyoukidding/hairdresser but please do me a favor and stfu.