Being labeled Democrat or Republican is a great smoke screen.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Jun 19, 2010.

To be labeled a Republican or a Democrat only obfuscates

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  1. nitro


    All of my friends that are hard core Republicans loved Clinton because he was a "Republican in Democrats clothing". Very few of them liked Bush even though he was good for the wealthy.

    The terms don't mean anything anymore. Reminds me of the way Jewish people can label themselves:



    We are all republicans an democrats. It is a Yin Yang. We are probably an infinity of things. Why are politicians so enamored of trying to pigeonhole everyone? It is really strange actually. Does anyone even buy this stuff anymore of a divided consciousness?
  2. BSAM


    Hard core Republicans loved Clinton??? Uh, I don't think so.

    Politicians are smart in one area: They understand how dumb the American voters are.

    Actually, the Democrats are quite a bit better at this than the Republicans. But, both sides love to keep things stirred up so that they can have their rallying points. Meanwhile the country is in a world of _ _ _ _. I think you all know what goes in the blanks.
  3. nitro


    All you republicans look the same to me, even though I have some republican in me.
  4. DDK89429


    It's not about Rep vs Dem or left vs right issues. It has always been and always will be linear along socio-economic lines, or in other words, haves vs have not's.
  5. I know alot don't believe in Bilderberg and such but I do after doing alot of research. No I don't believe everything AJ says he is just too extreme IMO.

    We have no choice in this country one guy gives more crumbs to the poor and the other tax breaks to the rich. I agree alot with Jesse and Ron Paul but I don't think people in general can live without some social programs they just aren't responsible enough. I would deny all social programs to illegals we both benefited and now its time to go. I don't care if you are from Mehico or Ireland time to go home. I definitely think its out of hand with Obama, but going back to the basic social program under previous admins and pulling out of foreign soil I am all for it. At this point I am willing to try Libertarian since Dems and Repub are really the same with very little change.

    It is a smoke screen in that politicians tell you oh you better pick me I know how the system works and I can get things done. Bullshit! They are all cronies and deep down we know it. We are just too apathetic to do anything about it. Talking about change is sexy changing is scary.

    Does anyone stop to think how the amount we spend on military imperialism is ridiculous. For what to make Cheney and his buddies rich. Eisenhower was dead on Fear the Military Industrial Complex. For the cost of 3 F-22s we could pay off everyone's debt and give them national health care and we would still have a far superior military. Make Europe and Asia stand on their own. If South Korea can't stand on their own after almost 50 years that's too damn bad. Now their are cries for us to help out Krystztan FSU country WTF I say, we got alot of our own problems. They are close to Russia Putin can step up its not our problem.
  6. i have thought Ashkenazi is a genetically homogeneous group therefore one can't choose to be or not to be an Ashkenazi.

    Shortie Watson-Crick Out :cool:
  7. History repeats itself because people are stupid. They refuse to learn.

    Clinton is admired because he enacted Republican agenda brought on by the Republican Congress lead by the great Republican Newt Gingrich.

    The Republican Congress lead by GW Bush spent a lot of money because of a recession, a terrorist attack, Katrina & Rita, etc. They were criticized because they looked like Democrats on a spending spree. So people figured they may as well vote for the real thing, a real Democrat, which they did.

    So Democrats came in and quadrupled the spending of GW Bush. The economy fell into a deeper hole with massive unemployment. These knuckleheads who have no experience running a damn thing are scewin things up.

    You guys have to watch out for these liberals who disguise themselves as moderates and conservatives. If people cannot distinguish from Republicans & Democrats, they generally vote Democrat. It's a nice strategy. Don't fall for it. Take notes on what kind of job these Democrats are doing, and vote them out. Otherwise, Greece is in our future, and history shall again repeat itself.

    One last thing, stop watching these leftist news sources on television (ABC, NBC, CBS, & CNN). Listen to Rush Limbaugh & read the
  8. Coke or Pepsi?


    "Fuck you, we won." ---Obama
  9. loza

    loza Guest

    half the country (US of 300 million+) are NEITHER....
  10. World history has ALWAYS been about "haves and have nots". There have ALWAYS been "two-tier" societies.. as there are now.

    If you could choose your preferred socio-economic system, which would it be? CAPTIALISM has provided the greatest opportunity and benefit to the have-nots.. regardless of the Obama-spew we hear today.
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