Being happy with life....

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  1. 1)enjoying the good life
    2)doing things you love
    3)meaning in life
  2. OK, I'm bored on a Friday night like you, hence my reply to your other thread.

    1. I'd rate this a 7 out of 10.

    2. 9 out of 10

    3. I constantly question this. When friends ask what I do, I've given up on the whole "providing liquidity" angle, and have resorted to simply saying that I am very fortunate to get paid to play a game every day. It is nothing more than a game in my eyes now.

    I also feel that by taking money out of the market on a regular basis, from those who voluntarily play with me, I can at least try to make my daughter's life just a little bit better every day.

    Even as I write this, it still seems superficial, so I guess I'm still working on it.:mad:

  3. Nice home/car/women
    Watching your children grow.
  4. consistency and metronome in EVERYTHING is key for me.

    consistency in income (assets )
    consistency in gfs love and her behavior
    conssitency in my health

    security in all of the above. Consistency and security all of the above , requires upkeep, thats what makes me happy.

    ITs easy to have a large income, or temporarily love, or temporarily health.
    But to have consistency and security in all of them is the path to EXCELLENCE.

    I am extremely happy in life :)
  5. Imo, the toughest one is the "meaning of life". The meaning of life is as fleeting and as temporary as today's weather.

    You can fall in love and think you have discovered the meaning of life, then have kids and that becomes the meaning of life. You could help someone or seek out justice, these are all parts of the meaning of life.

    The quest for knowledge, to keep on learning, never giving up on the journey, seeking adventure in a book or with people and places. To keep asking "the meaning of life" it is everywhere.
  6. For myself, the meaning in life comes from helping other people. For example, I donate blood to the Red Cross at least three times a year. Im helping someone by my donations.

    The toughest part about helping other people is that your help is never *sincerely* appreciated. You might get the token thank you card or the "Hey thats great you did it" speech. However, no one ever really truly appreciates your help. It didnt make a bit of difference in their life if you did it or not.

    I truly appreciate the help I receive when I get it. That help can be in the form of someone helping me with some boxes. Whenever I receive any help, then I thank the person and then provide a reward of some type like buying them a drink.

    Another meaning in life for myself is to keep a hard work ethic and never give up. That is another part that no one truly appreciates. I have worked hard, but no one every truly cared. I keep saying to myself that without hard work then none of these buildings would have been built. The Empire State building went up in 2 years during the depression through hard work and has stayed up for nearly 80 years. I dont believe the Freedom Tower will ever be built because that same work ethic does not exist today.

    You should help people, you should work hard and you should always provide a service. That provides some meaning to your life although you will be the only one who truly cares and appreciates that part.

    Lots of selfish people out there that dont care about meaning in life, but that doesnt mean you should be one too. Go to the Red Cross website and donate some blood.
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    And to gain experiences generally requires money (travel, experiencing different cultures, going to places most don't go to, etc.). So this begs the question, is it possible for poor folks to gain self awareness?
  8. Travel does not cost that much money. You can travel to Asia or Europe and spend less then 2 grand for 2-3 weeks. You dont need to stay at an expensive hotel. A hostel for 10 dollars a day will do just fine. Many hotels all over Asia are much cheaper then the variety in the US.

  9. So this begs the question, is it possible for poor folks to gain self awareness?

    Yes, but with some assistance. Tell them that "Fifth grade was the best six years of your life." Keep reminding them, give 'em hope.
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    It's funny that you say that, because I can distinctly remember thinking to myself when I was in fifth grade (1970), and I can even remember where I was when I thought it, that life was really good for me and life was only going to get more complicated as I got older. I was right. :)

    I'll remember that thought till the day I die.
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