Being good at video games is good experience

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  1. Back in the 80s&90s, there was a crowd of us in a dorm room playing video games doing drugs and womanizing when we could. Would any of us graduate? Would any of us move on from here?

    Of course we did, we just moved on to a more expensive video game. We still do drugs. We still womanize.

    Its an interesting fact that many of the traders around NYC were those drugged up womanizing video game junkies from the 80s&90s. One of my buddies had really long hair back in college and played video games all day&all night. Now he is a very successful gold trader and has an apartment both in NYC and Miami. He still appears very similiar to the days back in college with the long hair, messy residence and still there are lots of women, although, some of them paid.

    All these threads about having ivy league educations and trading. Nay says me. Just get yourself a blunt, a whore and some video games. Thats good experience and I do not jest, I do not lie...
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    No. Those guys are too drugged up to realize that there were no women in the room....just a bunch of drugged out kids playing video games.
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    op you are so right its sick how right u r