Being destitute in America is a crime?

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  2. Interesting read. I think it's time we start asking how the average American can fix this mess. How could the middle and poor class come together to solve the problems in America? Eventually something has got to happen.
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    Isn't it curious that the top 3 meanest cities are among the most liberal? And conservatives are slammed for not being "compassionate"?
  4. You know that's an interesting story. I do feel for them, truly. And unlike most on this forum I am a former social worker.

    Now let me give you another perspective. When I was going to college in Santa Cruz, it was known for being extremely tolerant off everything, including homeless people. There were so many bums sunning themselves at the park you couldn't even go there without being accosted by bums. The city finally passed an aggressive panhandling law when I was graduating because they would camp out on business store fronts and harass would be customers until ppl. just stopped going there.

    Fast forward to last year. I went to downtown Denver to take my Mom to the art museum. The park across the street was just overrun with homeless. Not one non homeless person ventured in there, 1 lady and her small child tried to take a short cut through but they immediately harassed and took the long route. 1 homeless schizophrenic almost ran my Mom down, he didn't even see her, and she was only 10 feet in front of me.

    It's our taxes that pay for this park and we can't use it.

    The mayor of Denver is considering spending 100k per bum to house them Philly style. 100k ! You could live quite well in my nice county. But alas you need social workers and admin to administer these programs because they can't be trusted with the money, most of them anyway.

    Fast forward to a month ago. My Dad lives in Laguna Beach, the 2nd most expensive city to live in OC. My wife and I love to take our scenic walk at Heisler Park, just beautiful. But now there are bum camps because the ACLU sued the city and the city folded. In fairness these bum are not aggressive but they have roped off bench areas and turned parts of it into tent city.

    Finally, I was watching the news for Albuquerque and the did an investigation of ppl. pan handling to cars at stop lights and such. Some of them made $300 per day! I have heard similar about Los Angeles a decade ago, scammers most of them.

    I don't know what the answer is, truly. I don't want to pay 100k per bum to house them and I don't want them harassing tax payers in the park.
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    Don't tolerate anything that even looks like "bumness". Make it public record when somebody receives any public monies and expect it back and go after them if they receive any large sums or are working... that was America a few decades ago, not any more...

    When we finally collapse I plan to be a Warlord in charge of a large chunk of California [it goes with the Narcissistic Personality Disordered mind that I love so much.. :)] law will have one purpose: to create a great environment for well motivated people.. that will mean a lot of problems for people that aren't well motivated... like those atheistic communist fu$%ers at the ACLU with their phony lawsuits that nobody wants to spend the money to fight all the time..

    "Loser pays" Tort reform would put the bullies at the ACLU out of business actually. Couldn't we all relax just a bit if they had to pay every time somebody called their bluff?
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    is bumness the same as being a slacker. be careful with your answer as alot of posters (recent college graduates/dropouts) would fit this definition.
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    I worked in a church food giveaway program once. The guy that had run it for ten years kept records of people and he told us that with 90% of people that came to him for food, it was their lifestyle to live on freebies...

    Most of the homeless are drug and alcohol abusers, plain and simple, the "capitalism" isn't what puts them there, even in this downturn I'd bet that the percentage of dopers and boozers is pretty much the same as it was in boom times... I mean, who gets out of work first?

    Another guy that ran a giveaway program advised not to give money to beggars because it just furthered their dependency... take it from the front lines, helping all these people is not helping them much at all and they definitely are an underclass that ruins things for well motivated people..

    My daughter thinks I'm mean because I like to throw handfuls of pennies at them as I drive by on the freeway offramp... but I feel like if they are just shitty people for the most part, I can be shitty people too...

    I got pissed off at a couple of them that were begging at different times... one had a handler!! I swear they franchise out the begging spots!! The bum got shitty with me when I told him to bug off so I told him that he was walking and I was getting into a car and he wasn't going to win the next round... my wife was scared shitless... so we drive out and a guy in a big pickup truck comes straight at us and runs us off the road.. like a pimp to somebody that threatened his hooker !!!
  8. Hmm interesting. I hope you dont plan on taking Northern CA, or we are going to have a warlord fight. Im putting my armys around the golden gate & bay bridge to keep those liberals in San francisco. I will also throw all my prisoners into San Fran. Anyone that commits a major crime gets sent there. You can have everything south of that all the way to mexico. Just make sure you guard your borders well, because the sodomites...(I mean san franciscans) might try to get into your land through san jose.

  9. Lol...this is true! I see the same two to 3 homeless guys come to the same shopping center every day. They walk there together and each one takes an exit, so you cant drive out of the parking lot without seeing one of them. They switch spots from time to time, but they are always there. One of the guys says he is terminally sick with cancer and he always looks down at the ground and looks pathetic. But whenever I see him just walking down the street, he has a whole lot more energy. I also seen that guy talking on his cell phone. Bums with cell phones!

    I've also had bums drive their cars up to me asking me for money! They have a freaking car and they are asking for money???
  10. "so we drive out and a guy in a big pickup truck comes straight at us and runs us off the road.. like a pimp to somebody that threatened his hooker "

    or maybe the truck had no connection to the pannhandler, and the Lord was trying to send you a message
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