Being a Perma bear sucks

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  1. I posted on the 0hedge board 5 months ago that they were pissing in the wind and would accomplish little but cost their readers huge money.

    They banned that nick.

    Actually, I am thinking that reading all these psuedo geniuses is harmful to the psyche, even for the best of us, and that one would be better off only looking at the tape, and not listening to ANY pundit ever.

    I still say this posting of 4-15-09 was probably the most amazing thing every printed here on Et. lol. Especially since it was a one off.
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  2. lexcorp


    So many morons been trying to short this thing. Ive been buying everyday for months and posting all my calls on the ES journal.
    Only when another trader on the journal who always seems to do well explained that the ES will always go up over time, due to the nature of stocks and the help the market gets from teh government, has my trading turned around.

    We will be 1200 on the ES in no time
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  3. DrEvil


    Unless you have very very deep pockets, or are trading OPM, if you have been and continue to be short in this market you have no idea what you are doing. Who cares if it is fake, it has been and hopefully will continue to be for a while longer a great bull play. JMO.
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  4. You just signed up in aug. were you a bear under another nick at the same time?
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  5. why do people feel the need to predict the future?

    Same in 1999. Many gurus were calling "timber". They missed out on huge gains....When the market did crash (1 year late) they said "see....i was right" LOL
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  6. I know it must scare some folks that this could have been predicted.

    Just crawl under the covers and suck your thumb, you'll feel better.
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  7. ^^ is this directed at me?^^

    I do not see what you are getting at?
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  8. Listening to random people behind an internet fascade is not a good exercise.

    Prime example; those who yelled on here that Goldman Sacs is a bank holding company now and they surely could not replicate their past performances ever again at $70 in November... $100 move upwards later you don't hear those kind of conversations anymore.
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  9. How has that worked out over the last decade?
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  10. the1


    at what point did I say buy and "hold?" You're missing the point Clubber. Drag that mouse across the buy button and press. It's probably the blue one. Do NOT go near the red one. Stay very, very clear of the RED button. :D

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