being a monk - is that what it takes to be the next soros??????

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  1. how does one rise to the apex of this game like soros? i feel that you have to in some ways live the life of a monk - just dedicate everything you have to the game simply for the love of the game and not for anything else - and the money pours in.
    its weird, when you're after the money - you get none of it. after you lose your desire for the money - you make tons of it but you hate it, you hate desire and you hate money, you just do it for the love of the discipline itself.
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    Can't speak for Soros or 'Monkhood' & although discipline is required, I do it to solve the puzzle .....
  4. "its weird, when you're after the money - you get none of it."

    If you are in business, your customers sixth sense will tell them "your in it for the money" Your (un)professional attitude will reflect "your in it for the money".

    If you are in a business you love, the caveat is to put on your businessmans hat on once in awhile to keep your costs in check and charge prices reflecting your worth.

    The above comments refer to business not the market. If you want to get to OZ I'd suggest asking Soro's cause although I have a clue what it takes I have no money.:D
  5. you are getting somewhere now. "To gain what we want most we first must let it go." (Universal Law)
    You do not need to be a "monk" but basic desire for money and power will just jerk you around and keep you from it. If most ET aspirants would seek deep - is the desire to be free and trade or be rich for power and prestige and girls etc. etc. EGO - now be F'ing honest - how many do you think just want to be free? Methinks 99-percent of the aspirants want to be like Soros for the power and prestige (ego). hell who wants to be Soros anyway? It is risky to be famous....
    I rather be the unknown profitable trader, that I AM who has no worries from kidnappers, etc etc.
  6. a monk? isnt Soros wife like 30 years younger than him? don't think thats the way. :)

    I wouldnt doubt half the reason so many traders fail is from setting absurd goals. If you have ever shot a basketball or played golf, how would you become michael jordan or tiger woods? i imagine becoming Soros would be much harder than that even.
  7. here we go again...I am sure for about 5 seconds this sound good to an old rich geezer on Viagra but take my word for, it is usually not true love...
    again most people watch TV and set their life's goal from Dallas and other shows - sadly they take the morality and values from junk TV shows too. There is nothing more pathetic than a rich old "fool" getting the young wife he can do nothing with but show off.... :)
    as a side note....
    I was watching Heffner on the TV the other day. He thinks people envy him but his life is just empty and sad. No matter what the fool does he is one leg in the grave and the stupid blond types (3 of them) just wait for his corpse to cool while promoting their "career" and agendas. And all this shit on national TV to brainwash the already stupid masses. "The American Dream"
  8. that's what liberals want you to think.

  9. they don't seem do it cos they "love it". they just have any undying hunger for glory. i don't see how one could "love" bouts of agony, setback, defeat, and struggle on the path to greatness, all which are required for that end.

    seems great people are consumed by their work. almost obsessed. they are definitely not in love with it, as they often destroy the vast majority of what they create, hurt themselves by imbibing in copious amounts substances which destroy their health in search of their perfect creation or result.
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    RL8093 and Nutmeg, you guys are right on.
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