Being a foreigner gives you an edge?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. First the great tax advantage.

    Second, you are much less politically biased, specially in this uncertain election year (you don't even vote in the US, so you don't really care).

    It is important not to be an European either, as you may tend to get into anti-americanism.
  2. svrart


    imo, it does not depend on nationality but emotional distance.

    my performance improved markedly when i left the usa. it brought me more objectivity . i still know what is happening there, but i can put it in perspective.

    i believe john templeton said something similar in one of his interviews.

  3. I agree completely. Last time I was in Europe, people were generally more pessimistic about the U.S. economy than people here. I think it is emotional distance as svrart said. To some extent, many people are naturally optimistically biased about their own situation. It's human nature
  4. A neutral bias is a major contributor to profitable trading and should be maintained independant of a person's whereabouts. While making this statement, I realize that it requires an effort to maintain a neutral bias. It's rather easy to get swept up in a gulf of sentiment and I often feel the need to distance myself from a particular discussion or overly present sentiment in order to evade the risk of being carried away by it.
  5. Emotional distance from the bevvy of finance spruikers you have there in the USA is very important.
    (My own personal fund was up US$600,000 this year from US$5.1 million to US$5.7 million).

    It helps to NOT:-

    Buy aapl at record highs
    Buy goog at record highs
    Buy grmn at record highs
    other rubbish at record highs.

    Basically don't pay attention to idiot financial "experts" from the USA.

    Make sure you are well informed and don't follow the crowd.

    I also go out of my way to treat US nationals here in Australia like dirt as this makes them better people. A friend of mine and I beat up some silly policeman from Arizona here yesterday. He was way too arrogant.:D
  6. svrart


    hi alex,

    thank you for improving us.

  7. LOL

    This is soooo wrong, but sooooooo right! :p
    In terms of the trading ... it most definitely does help to be able to trade the US Indicies without having to pay the US Taxes. :eek:
  8. Yes, I think being a foreigner gives an advantage, unless the foreigner is from down under, in which case there seems to be a strong disconnect from reality, and thus is guaranteed to be a subpar trader.

  9. That's only an advantage if the home country has lower taxes on investment income than the US.