Being a bigot and disrespecting others is the way to go in trading...

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  1. Being a bigot and disrespecting others is the way to go in trading? Why? That is because if you respect and acknowledge someone else's opinion then you buy into it either in whole or in part. You could be buying into a faulty strategy or diluting your own strategy. There is no sense in trying to come to a compromise...there is no sense in being polite. If a strategy is bad, then its bad.

    The market can be one of the coldest places in the world. There is no compromise when it comes to price. Either you are on the right side of the market or you are not. If the market does not compromise, then why should you?
  2. That's absurd and somehow I expect if you tried implementing your little theory you would soon be seen as the pariah to avoid.

    Of course there is value in keeping your own council if you have it together.
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    I do find I actually agree with that in terms of at least trading though I don't think you should let it spread out into other forms of life, I think that's a problem that a lot of those big businesses and corporations suffer from. Particularly when they muscle into other industries that simply don't need that kind of uncompromising brutality.

  4. Giving no internal credence to someone's trading ideas is not the same as being accepting of those ideas and disrespecting same is not required.

    For example do you really think the psyche nurse accepts the schizophrenic patients claim that the night sky is orange or that he must keep his fingers crossed for his heart to beat unless she acts disrespectful to those concepts?
  5. I already have implemented my theory and its working for me. I rarely, if ever, look at or read these trading message forums. If I did read them, then maybe some of this garbage will infect my mind causing me to lose money.

    When I mean "disrespect" I mean disrespect. Do not only reject the ideas of others, but step on them with full force and throw them to the street. Disrespect them on a grand scale. You see, if you accept the ideas of others in any way, shape or form...even in the slightest, then your mind will become infected with the "losing money" virus.

    Lets say you have taken 15 minutes of your time to read and think over a trading blog which has ideas that go against your strategy. The memories of what you read are still there in your head. You need to make decisions quickly and objectively. You can't do that if you decide to respect what is out there or the people that write this crap. Once you read that crap, there is no going back...your mind becomes infected with the zhombie crap.

    Do not only disagree with what you are reading, but take it and wipe your ass with it. If you do not wipe your ass with it, then these ideas will poison and infect your head with money losing ways.

    So do not even give them the respect of a reply, do not read their blogs or watch their shows...reject their ideas and then disrespect them. The best trader out there is sitting right there when you look in the mirror. You are the only one that can manage your money correctly while these other "experts" are only fools that lose lose lose.

    If someone shows you something, do not look at it. Its like Medusa. Once you look at that crap, you turn to stone.

    Do not be afraid to be impolite to others who will cause you certain financial ruin and turn your account to stone. One look at their crap is all it takes for your account to get turned to stone.
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    That's completely different because it is unrelated to the field they have been studying in for years. Unless you get proven wrong through fact then how can you trust someone else is right? This is even MORE the case on the internet because we seem to be living in an age where the moment anyone posts an article or writes in an eloquent manner then it must be automatically true.

    I for one have found that blindly believing everything that a professional tells you is the equivalent of slowly killing yourself or your mind. In real life you even have situations now unearthing where the newspapers etc. are posting fake or unreliable evidence in order to back up marketing claims made by large companies. We need to rely on individualism now more than ever to get through in life because otherwise you will have people wanting to rip each others throats out over stupid things like do video games cause violence?
  7. Just exactly what part of
    do you fail to understand?

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    Now I look at that sentence that you wrote closer it didn't seem to make much sense :S

    Edit: Oh yeah I ignored it and replied to the line below because I was following the exact rule I posted

    "Don't believe someone just because they post eloquently worded or complicated bullshit"
  9. Well that was kinda stupid wasn't it?
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