Being a $200,000 p/a profitable trader is so easy!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by livermoreorless, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. You're a multiple alias of tht increasenow character, right?

    ... and you're a fucking idiot.

  2. I am not an alias, but you most certainly are an asswipe!

    Sorry your boyfriend increasenow dumped you but don't go PMS'ing on me
  3. Also how typical it is for a terrible trader who has made nothing of his own life to shit on someone else for achieving something other than coming up with another useless board posting and wasting precious oxygen when he should just go fucking hang himself with his boyfriend's gym belt
  4. Nope.

    Actually you're a fucking moron and you go on-and-on starting asine threads which have nothing to do with trading, but instead show what a complete Tool you are!

    Good job, douche. :p :eek:

  5. You forgot the additional *in* in assinine - which makes sense since you've got a fucking broom in your ass

    And you forgot the additional *s* in ass - which also makes sense to display how incredibly stupid you are


    Have a good one buddy boy :cool:

    Calm down...and save the douches for your next PMS episode
  6. Lucrum


    Self description?

  7. Ah! It's the other gay boyfriend to the rescue! :D
  8. Another idiotic increasenow (livemoreorless) thread:

    livemoreorless is an idiot

    ... ah, soon he will come up with another stupid-ass idea for a thread to drive hits! :p :D