Beijing opens world's biggest airport

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  1. Sleeping dragon awakes — at world's newest airport

    THE flying kangaroo meets the sleeping dragon — Qantas will be one of the first airlines to fly into the world's biggest airport as Beijing's massive new international Terminal 3 opens for business tomorrow.

    With its long tail, golden roof and triangular-shaped skylights resembling scales, the $3.23 billion plus terminal is designed to look like a dragon and evoke China's imperial history. Its technology reflects the leadership's desire to be more environmentally conscious.

    The terminal, built by 50,000 workers in four years after 10 villages were flattened, will increase Beijing Airport's annual capacity from 35 million passengers to 85 million and make it one of the world's five busiest airports.

    The new terminal alone is almost 20% bigger than all five terminals combined at London's Heathrow Airport.

    Those who have had limited access to food and drink at the existing airport will be pleased to hear that the new terminal will have 64 Western and Chinese restaurants
  2. 62 Starbucks, 1 McDonald's and 1 Panda Chinese!